What is Tie-Down Roping

Tie-down roping, or what might also be known as calf roping, is a timed event. The roper starts in a box the same as steer wrestlers and team ropers, with the calf in the chute. The barrier rule is also in play, and breaking it results in a 10-second penalty. The cowboy ropes the calf, jumps off his horse, and lays the calf on its side. He then ties up any three feet with what is known as a pigging string. When he throws his hands in the air the time stops. He then hurries back to his horse, remounts, and puts some slack in his rope. The calf must stay tied for six seconds for the time to be official. If he kicks loose, the cowboy receives a no time and is disqualified. The horses used in this event are the most highly trained, and are extremely expensive. It is not unusual for one horse to make several runs during an event, as cowboys will pay to ride a good horse. Part of their winnings goes to the owner of the horse.

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