What is Steer Wrestling

Steer wrestling, sometimes called bulldogging, is known as the big man’s event. In this timed event the cowboy must jump off his horse, grab the steer by the horns, and throw him to the ground. The winner is the one who does this in the shortest time. The steer is always given a head start. To ensure this, there is a barrier in the form of a string tied across the box in which the cowboy and his horse begin their run. Once the cowboy nods his head, the steer is let out of the chute. If the cowboy leaves too early, a flag is tripped and a 10-second penalty is added to the time of the run. Another horse/rider team, called a hazer, leaves from a box on the other side of the steer. His job is to keep the steer running straight, thus helping the steer wrestler make a clean catch. It usually takes a run of three or four seconds to win, or even be in the money.

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Meet Tie-Down Roper, Team Roper (Header), Steer Roper Trevor Brazile, 2012 WNFR Qualifier

What can one possibly write about 8-time World Champion All-Around Cowboy Trevor Brazile that hasn’t already been written before? This man needs no introduction; he commands the attention of the entire world of rodeo all by himself! He has 14 - count them - 14 World Championship titles to his name and there is nothing he hasn’t done! He’s appeared on NBC’s Today Show as part of a special segment in 2006, he was featured in the December 4, 2006 issue of ESPN The Magazine’s The Jump – 7 Things You Should Know About Rodeo...
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