What is Bull Riding

Bull riding is considered the most dangerous event in rodeo. As with the other rough stock events, the cowboy must stay on the bull for eight seconds to receive a score. He must ride with one hand and the free arm must not touch the animal or himself. Half of the score is for the bull and the other half for the rider. Unlike saddle bronc or bareback, spurring the bull is not required, but extra points might be added if the rider does so – dressing the bull up, as it were. There is no required mark out rule as with the other two events.

Featured Athletes

Meet In the Spotlight: PBR Bull Rider Paulo Crimber

The first night of the Anaheim Invitational in 2011 was an important one for 13-year professional bull rider Paulo Crimber. That was the first time he had stepped into a BFTS arena in almost three years, after two broken necks (suffered within three months of each other) necessitated his absence. And while doctors did not hold hope for his return to bull riding, Crimber did....
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