What is Bull Riding

Bull riding is considered the most dangerous event in rodeo. As with the other rough stock events, the cowboy must stay on the bull for eight seconds to receive a score. He must ride with one hand and the free arm must not touch the animal or himself. Half of the score is for the bull and the other half for the rider. Unlike saddle bronc or bareback, spurring the bull is not required, but extra points might be added if the rider does so – dressing the bull up, as it were. There is no required mark out rule as with the other two events.

Featured Athletes

Meet PBR Bull Rider Valdiron de Oliveira

A member of what has become known as “The Killer B’s” because of the Brazilian dominance of the sport of bull riding over the last few years, Valdiron de Oliveira is the man currently sitting in second place in the PBR World Finals race behind Silvano Alves. With, at the time of this writing, twor more events before the World Finals, de Oliveira has plenty of opportunity to narrow this lead and even overtake Alves during the Finals in this race to the wire....
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