What is Barrel Racing

Barrel racing is another timed event, but it is unique in that its competitors are women. The cowgirls run a clover leaf pattern around three barrels; run being the pivotal word here. These horses and riders are going at full speed, for the winner is often decided by a hundredth of a second. The idea is to not only be the fastest, but to leave all of the barrels standing. A five-second penalty is added to their time for each barrel that is knocked over. While the tie-down horses are worth a lot of money, so are these barrel horses. It is not unusual for a competitor to start one from the ground up to build the trust and training that is necessary to win. To buy a made one will often cost tens of thousands of dollars.

Featured Athletes

Meet Barrel Racer Kelli Tolbert – 2012 WNFR Qualifier

While fairly new to the PRCA (joined in 2009), Kelli Tolbert is not new to rodeo!   She grew up in a small farming community and began competing in 4-H rodeos. She went on to high school rodeo (where she first met one of  her current traveling partners,  Danyelle Campbell. In fact Danyelle and her father ...
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