PBR – Chicken on a Chain Set to be Retired

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By Barbara Pinnella

April 5, 2012


Zack Brown was one of many to score more than 90 points on Chicken - this time it was 92.5. Photo courtesy of PBR; Andy Watson/BullStockMedia


Jeff Robinson, has made the very difficult decision that the 2007 World Champion Chicken on a Chain, will be retired in this 2012 season. Whether he will buck throughout the entire rest of the season is uncertain, as is where his last event will be.


This was a very difficult decision for Robinson, the two-time Stock Contractor of the Year, as he considers Chicken a member of the family and does not like the idea of always going on the road without him. A bucking machine, Jeff’s children are able to go out and feed the superstar. The bull knows that he is off duty. But put him in the bucking chutes and it’s a whole different ball game.


His statistics are impressive, to say the least. In a total of 124 outs in his career to date, he has an average bull score of 45.2. He is the only bull of all those profiled on www.probullstats.com to has an average score of 45 in his more than 100 outs in the PBR.


That’s not all. Of his 78 outs on the BFTS he has been the high-marked bull 41 times. He is fourth on the all-time list of 90-point rides, and has helped 13 of his cowboy partners to round wins. Renato Nunes and Chicken stand eleventh on the list of highest scores in PBR history, when they won the Built Ford Tough Championship Round in 2008 at St. Louis with a whopping 95.75 points!


But this bull had not always been like this. Purchased in 2006 by Mike Tedesco and Larry the Cable Guy, their first year with the bull was tough. He was mean and difficult to work with, so much so that Robinson thought about selling him. Instead, he just hauled him around, taking him to the Touring Pro events throughout most of that year. At the 2006 Finals he finally began to come into his own.


To prove that Robinson’s decision to keep him was the right one, Chicken had a phenomenal 2007. He bucked off 94.44 of the riders who tried him. He was ridden only one time that year, by Justin McBride, to a score of 93 points. His average bull score for the year was 46.188, with an average mark of 23.2 (out of a perfect 25) points per judge.


Let’s not forget that this bull is not small. At approximately 2100 pounds, this superstar gets in the air and blows with the quickness of one much smaller. He is a fan favorite, to be sure. But Robinson is doing it right. He does not want Chicken to become average in advancing age, or not be a short-round bull any longer, and the bull deserves that.


Robinson is well aware of what this great bull has done for him. He believes that there would be no Jeff Robinson Bucking Bulls had it not been for Chicken – he put him on the map of stock contractors. He went from hauling four or five bulls to events to 10 or 12.


Last year he was able to haul a trailer full of bulls of Championship Round quality and not haul the same bull two weekends in a row.


Most people who have heard that name ask, “How in the world did they come up with that?” Well, for those of you who haven’t heard the story, Chicken was housed next to property that had fighting roosters tied to posts with little chains. He got in there on day and one of the chickens got his chain wrapped around the bulls’ leg. He drug that chicken around for several days before he was caught hence, Chicken on a Chain.


Regardless whether or not he bucks any more in 2012, it is likely that the bull will be hauled to special events so bull riding fans can have their pictures taken with him. That might help Jeff a bit, getting to still put Chicken on the truck with him. But he admits that the fact his bull, his family member, won’t be going much longer is a bitter pill.


I have to add a personal note here; this bull has been one of my very favorites since I first saw him. I think he is just beautiful, and love watching him buck. I am near the top of the heap of fans that will miss seeing the wonderful Chicken on a Chain.


Be safe and God Bless,




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